About Preda Bookkeeping

As a division of the Preda Group of Chartered Accountants, Preda Bookkeeping was established in 2011 after a niche was discovered in the market. Coming from an accountants perspective, it was found that many clients were:

  1. spending too many hours doing the administrative bookkeeping tasks and not working on their business; or
  2. paying accountants fees for bookkeeping services

Preda Bookkeeping strives to take away the administrative burden of paperwork that now seems to be a part of every business. While based in Melbourne, Preda Bookkeeping offers a number of online services to enable easy and efficient information sharing. A secure online portal is utilised to enable this. The benefit here is that information is available at any time through online secure client access.

Preda Bookkeeping ensures its clients have their bookkeeping work prepared by a dedicated team of qualified bookkeepers. A tailored suite of financial reports are provided to you, the client, and your accountant (and/or any financial institutions necessary).

The Preda Bookkeeping Team

  • John Lazzarini

    Director - B Comm (Acc & Fin), CA
    M: 0425 769 857
    P: 03 8663 5111 F: 03 8663 5199 E: john@preda.com.au

  • Con Konstantopoulos

    M: 0411 653 579

  • Jasminka Kucan

    Senior Bookkeeper
    P: 03 8663 5188 F: 03 8663 5199 E: jasminka@preda.com.au

  • Andres Ramirez Rodriguez

    P: 03 8663 5175 F: 03 8663 5199 E: andres@preda.com.au

  • Christoforus Raymond

    P: 03 8663 5161 F: 03 8663 5199 E: chris@preda.com.au

  • Sherry Roshan

    P: 03 8663 5165 F: 03 8663 5199 E: sherry@preda.com.au